Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mensusa Tips for Your Business and Casual Shoes

Men’s Business Shoes

The major rule of wearing business shoes is that they need to be made-up of leather part of the shoe closing your foot and on the sole. In terms of styles, you have variety of options when choosing men’s/women’s shoes at Mensusa.


Formal Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are always being shiny in appearance. The most common are patent leather shoes, but if you’re uncomfortable in patent leather, you can wear matte black leather shined to a high shine.

Casual Shoes

For a professional appearance in casual wear, choose men’s shoes like Unique Twist On A Traditional Dress Shoes and Tone Dress Shoes. Your boat shoes should be made of leather and it will be in good, clean condition always. Sandals and red shoes are only suitable at home or at the beach; never wear those to business or a meeting function.

Caring for your shoes

1.Store your shoes with cedar shoetrees it will help to draw out moisture and maintain their shape.

2.Polish your shoes daily to keep them looking clean and new

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